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That Which Flows by Manhwa



Have you ever by chance passed by an amazing, Korean, manhwa on a webtoon named “That Which Flows”? Not yet? No worries. Today you’re going to read an amazing mind-blowing script. This lovely and romantic script will divert your mind in an adventurous, and magical place. You’ll be reading voraciously in no time to see whether Yeon can perfect her talent and discover love at the same time.

The Script:

Yeon, the main character of the script who’s a water magician has been trying to and working on himself to become a better water magician. He was born with a God-gifted ability of water manipulation. He goes to the Gilde, a gathering place for magically gifted individuals who get together to test and discover each other’s genuine skills.

Yeon teams up with the fire mage Lisesharte, the earth mage Jueki, and the impetuous yet easily angered girl Lisesharte. Together, they set out on guild missions and used their elemental skills to help the villagers.

  • Yeon is a strong guy, full of passion yet always there for anyone in need. He can also beautifully heal his mates and attack his opponents with water magic.
  • Lisesharte is an alpha and a firm lady. Her fire magic can be helpful yet dangerous.
  • Jueki is a calm person with smartness. He can have great dominance on the ground, erect obstacles, or imprison adversaries with the help of his earth magic.

Together, the three go on adventures, meet new people, and fight against threats to the realm. Fantasy and adventure readers will undoubtedly enjoy following Yeon and his companions as they embark on adventures in the enchanted realm of That Which Flows. This is a fun manhwa for readers of all ages because of the vibrant artwork and endearing characters.

The narrative and principal figures of That Which Flows 

The tale’s protagonist is Yuri, a young girl who perceives “lines of flow” as a symbol of fate and destiny all around her. She has the power to alter people’s destinies by manipulating these lines. She frequently has to deal with the unanticipated consequences of her acts, though and fights with the moral implications of altering fate.

  • The protagonist, Yuri, is a high school student who possesses the ability to perceive people’s lines of flow and influence their fate. Though she questions the morality of controlling fate, she wants to use her skills to benefit others.
  • Yuri’s childhood friend Takahiro is someone she frequently alters his fate for to keep him safe. Though he doesn’t know it, he has a great affection for Yuri. His stream of flow is frequently twisted, indicating that disaster has plagued his existence.
  • The lines of flow represent a person’s destiny. These threads, which seem like tangled, colorful strands encircling a person, are only visible to Yuri. Yuri can alter someone’s future course for the better or worse by adjusting the strands.
  • With the help of her ability, Yuri can cut off, reroute, or even disentangle someone’s flow. Every time she alters her destiny, though, there are unanticipated repercussions. Even with the best of intentions, she begins to wonder if she should control other people’s destiny.
  • The fundamental themes of the narrative are moral dilemmas. Yuri is troubled by the morality of altering fate, even if she wants to help everyone around her. She has to deal with the unanticipated consequences of her actions every time she modifies fate. Yuri questions if she should utilize her talent at all.

This paranormal coming-of-age tale tackles issues of fate versus free will, power moral quandaries, and the unforeseen effects of human behavior. The narrative offers a moving look at how controlling fate may come at a heavy price, even with the greatest of intentions.

Why Manhwa Fans Adore That Which Flows

There are a few reasons why Manhwa That Which Flows fans adore this action-packed series:

Engaging Narratives and Personas

The main character of the story is Mia, a seemingly ordinary high school girl who finds out she has mysterious shadow-related skills. Mia’s journey of self-discovery and her complicated connections with both friends and foes captivate readers as she navigates this new gift and the dark forces that would use it for their reasons. Mia, the likable and accessible protagonist, and the well-developed supporting characters both contribute to the story’s richness.

Edgy and dark tone

That Which Flows’ gritty, gloomy tone appeals to many Manhwa lovers. The villains and shadow powers give it a spooky sense without sacrificing its realistic feel. It is enjoyable for readers to follow Mia as she avoids lethal dangers and morally gray situations. The graphic style is dark and stylized, which works perfectly with this tone.

Drama and nerves 

Readers are gripped by That Which Flows’s action-packed fighting sequences, gripping chase scenes, and gripping revelations. The book moves along swiftly. Due to the unpredictable nature of the plot and the constant fear of criminals discovering Mia’s secret, this series provides an unputdownable sense of tension and peril. Every Manhwa volume ends on a cliffhanger, making you eagerly await the next installment.

Enticing artistic style

The sophisticated, melancholic visual style of That Which Flows is a fantastic fit for the tone of the story. Character designs are visually appealing but realistic, and action scenes are fluid and dynamic. Small details like the usage of screen tone and special effects for Mia’s shadow powers enhance the artwork even more. The artwork has always been of a very high standard throughout the series thus far.

All things considered That Which Flows’ compelling story, complex characters, melancholy tone, action, suspense, and gorgeous artwork make it easy to see why the book has such a loyal following. This manhwa has something to love for almost every reader.

When will Season 2 of That Which Flows release? 

Viewers are wondering about the release date for the second season of That Which Flows, considering the first season ended quite some time ago. Unfortunately, no official announcement of the launch date has been made as of yet. If the producers adhere to the same schedule, Season 2 ought to air in 2022 around the same time.

Summing up the article

This is a summary of the popular Korean webcomic That Which Flows. After reading the introduction to the characters, story, and universe of this epic fantasy series, you are now ready to dive into the pages. This manhwa will captivate readers of all stripes with its sophisticated writing, exquisite artwork, and endearing characters. Regardless of your prior exposure to the genre, That Which Flows will take you to a fantastical and thrilling realm.


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